Encourage the Conversation: How Stakeholders Can Help

Encourage the Conversation: How Stakeholders Can Help

We all know community stakeholders – hotels, restaurants, attractions and other organizations – are critical to shaping the experiences of visitors while they are in your destination. However, these same stakeholders play an increasingly important role in, and can have a major impact on, the success of DMO marketing efforts.

Here’s why: What we are seeing with DMO clients today is that when marketing programs are executed successfully, at best they will motivate potential meeting planners and visitors to only seriously consider your destination. Before they will actually book a trip, they will check out what “the crowd” is saying on sites like TripAdvisor about their experiences while visiting your destination.

Here’s how: In this short video, Stamp’s David Allred discusses one concept that DMOs can share to help your stakeholders encourage positive conversations about your destination and discourage negative comments that can impact your goal of fueling the economic engine in your community that is tourism and travel.

Encouraging the Conversation: Right Pocket, Left Pocket Concept

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